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POSTMORTEM - Listening Session zum Album "The Bowls Of Wrath" - English Version - The Bowls Of Wrath - Listening Session

Postmortem Studio Berlin 2014

A new album from the Berlin-based band Postmortem? Not without us! Of the first announcements we take that the coming record "Nine Bowls Of Wrath" is hot. Small correction on a side note because "Nine Bowles Of Wrath" is now called "The Bowls Of Wrath". We have understood the main thing Wrath! The new work of the four-man DeathThrasher Postmortem is definitely angry, for sure, I canpromise that! Release Date: November 21, 2014 .

While summer once again flexed its muscles, we got the chance during boiling temperatures to attend Postmortemslistening session for their new album "The Bowls Of Wrath". It drove us again to the river Spree, the colorful district of Kreuzberg, near which the Daily Hero studio is. War Anthem Records and Postmortem invited to the first taste of their new output. Media representatives from Deaf Forever Mag, Rock Hard, Metal Hammer and Sephyr's Odem also gave the honorto listen to the premiere of "The Bowls Of Wrath".

Proffered appetizers of the brand Brutz & Brakel broke the mood and so we washed ourselves with evocative names -such as "Death Maker" and "Mouth Wash" - the throat clear.The remains of the artistically arranged buffets had to capitulate, before we submissively indulged us to the first notes of the new album. Marcus (Guitar) took introductory words, in which he thanked War Anthems (label), Marc Wüstenhagen (Recording) and all involved again. Turn the light off and the music on!

Silence ... after a short intro an earthy and dry Sound penetrates the Daily Hero Studio. Pure tension, because as ofnow the pants are down. The new album features a natural sound that is already suggesting that Postmortem with "The Bowls Of Wrath" concentrated on the essentials. Track 1 is named "Until The Sreaming Died", a five-minute neckbreaker that determines the new line of approach of the Berlinersbluntly. Fat riffing, vicious vocals and sophisticateddrumming, three elements that were set purist and without frills in scene. We do not wish to speak of melody, but a clear sequence of harmonic sounds we think we have heard. Great introduction that is actually surpassed by no later than the third song. Song 3 has the catchy name ... Hate, a roughdestroyer, which was marked by an exclamation point in our notes.

Until now, the current tracklist has not yet been confirmed, even if you think you have read this somewhere. We therefore maintain a low profile and restrict ourselves for this reason tonumbers or fractions. The title track of the album (5) immediately appeared very diversified, which is supported through female vocals which underlines that fact and receivesan extra touch. Maybe it is again Karla Alvarez-Scheffler who- as on the output "XX" (song "Shadows of Memory") - has helped out?! All we can say is German State Opera andabsolutely professional. Great song, which doesn’t lose hardness despite female vocals.

Before going into too much detail and we end up doing an Album Review, we just want to summarize the impressionsshortly together. What we do know for certain is, the Album will include 9 Tracks in its normal version, acts purist than its predecessor and is limited to the essentials, yet is very varied, therefore - so our Zottel - contains mega thick riffing and features vocals that work without any effect, a hallmark of the singer, which should leave its performance appearing in a different light. Unbelievable but confirmed by official sources. Marc Wüstenhagen was responsible for the recording andconfirmed this statement with appreciative glances.

To sum it up: The disk is a journey of discovery! We can ensure all fans of the band one thing: 1991 Postmortem nowmake music on the planet earth, on which we all live and listen to Metal. With each new output, the band has continually developed and improved and that also happened once again - to our great joy! You can rely on that! 

Tankard und Postmortem werden voraussichtlich eine Split EP im Siebenzoll-Format veröffentlichen. Der Rundling soll Ende Oktober / Anfang November 2014 das Licht der Welt erblicken. Das genaue Datum ist noch nicht fixiert. Fakt ist, Tankard und Postmortem werden sich das Medium teilen. Genial, wie wir meinen.

Quelle und Bild: Postmortem / Dirk Burkat

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