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Translation Live Review Grand Magus, Audrey Horne, Zodiac & The Vintage Caravan Berlin C-Club March 24 2014

Grand Magus, Audrey Horne, Zodiac & The Vintage

Whether you want to believe it or not, it was a really great evening in the Berlin C-Club. Although the venue was only moderately filled, several personalities gave the metal scene the honor to show up to see Grand Magus, Audrey Horne, Zodiac, as well as The Vintage Caravan. People like Torsten Zahn (Metal Hammer), Götz Kühnemund (without words) and Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth) were among them. How could it be otherwise, even Sammy from Wolfs Moon belonged to the ones who travelled to the Club again. The party started with The Vintage Caravan from Iceland.


The three sympathetic guys from the far north presented their songs in a short and crisp way. With delight in playing their pieces a lot of Black Sabbath-style dominated the first 30 minutes of the evening. I still have huge goose bumps on my entire body when I think of the energetic awesome show from the three boys. Nuclear Blast definitely has a hot iron in the wings. Let’s hope that The Vintage Caravan can still pull out an even more hefty shovel in the coming years so that even the last old rocker will notice the wind which is blowing off the northernmost part of Europe over to the old continent. Really grand-original 70s-Rock. I would have liked a thicker sound for the guys, but whatever. With this performance they probably still have gained a lot of new fans. Who can rock their socks off like they can also pull off moderate sound. We will hear from The Vintage Caravan, I promise!


It was quiet and peaceful when Zodiac from Münster entered the stage. With her current long iron “A Hiding Place” they had already made quite a stir in the scene. Zodiac sounded with their “Blues-filled” Hard Rock a little misfit on this Monday night, but all the bands were linked to the spirit of the seventies. Even Grand Magus – probably the most Metal sounding – conveyed this spirit in their music. We are truly no Zodiac specialists, but the longer we followed the relaxing goings on stage, the better we liked the show of Münster. It´s Unbelievable that former members of a Melodic Death Metal Band (Misery Speaks) were playing these instruments. Certain passages in their songs partly reminded me of Pink Floyd, definitely a quality feature of rockers from the city with the sonorous name. A little more sound from the electric guitars would have pleased us even a bit more. Still, thumbs up, gentlemen!


A little more sound from the electric guitars were definitely there afterwards. After a moderate conversion break, Audrey Horne entered the stage to turn the entire dive upside down within the next hour. First a statement of our “Zottels” that he brought from the stack after the concert: ‘Damn, now I have to still get the entire baking-catalog from Audrey Horn.’ These words alone confirmed to me once again the reputation and success of a band are building up and falling with their performance on stage, because they are still very important in the Rock-biz. It did not take long for The Vintage Caravan to show up in the audience. They obviously did not want to miss out on this show. They rocked all they were worth, just as the entire C-Club did this evening. Who was not already injected with the Audrey Horne-virus, received not a minute later than after the gig the Norwegian diagnosis: A Horne chrone. So did our Zottel. Torkjell Rød (Vocals) electrified every single fan with his performance and vocal power. The entire troupe offered a fantastic show, each part ignited, every solo was perfectly performed and the entire thing was being rocked with exceptional melodies. A rock roar which gave us the feeling that there were huge aircrafts landing again on the disussed Tempelhof airport. Great show!


It seemed impossible to us to beat this show. But Grand Magus were, and are of a different stroke, so we did not want to count the chickens before they hatch. On an already advanced time Grand Magus was climbing on stage of the former US-Army cinema. Compared to Audrey Horne, the Swedes appeared to us very sublime and graceful. With the intro ‘Conan’, they drove the mob in front of the stage to a big grin on their faces. Enormous and brutally equipped with a powerful sound the Norsemen beat an iron wedge into our consciousness. On one side was the great show of the Norwegian Audrey Horne, on the other their killer riffing coupled with fantastic grooves and the ever-present pathos of Norse mythology. The powerful voice of Janne “JB” Christofferson underlined the scenario with remarkable conviction. Especially in the singing from Janne you could hear what an organ the man had on the microphone. Very very impressive! In the end after hearing the song “Iron Will” it was clear to us why Johann Hegg suddenly had disappeared although he had just stood in the middle of the crowd to support his Swedish brothers together with the fans. Johann was probably a little happy because with his guest appearance he enjoyed not only the mob in front of the stage but was also able to elude the long photo shoots, which was imposed on him by the fans. Patiently and professionally he endured every single request. Very kind, Johann.

But now back to the stage. It was unstoppably going onto the final round. First demands for “Hammer of the fuckin’ North” were loudly put into the room. It came as it had to come. The last song was ‘Hammer of the North’! The band and fans pitched in the chorus at the largest choir, we have heard for many concerts. Pure emotion and once again went the good old Metal music directly under the skin. In the last third of the gig Grand Magus played themselves very close to the performance of Audrey Horne. Let’s put it this way, Grand Magus is the more essential iconic band and have gotten off to a more than respectable gig. Audrey Horne on the other hand were a nuance better in Berlin.

Review Dirk / Translation Sandra Frei









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