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Kilmara Interview - kurz nachgefragt! Neuer Sänger - neues Album 2016?

Good news for all Kilmara Fans, we asked them about new stuff in 2016 and wished all the best for the new year: 

metaltalks.de: You guys got a new singer, Daniel Ponce. Why did you replace 'Wolf' ? Were there Problems between you guys within the band ? Or are there other causes ? Why did you choose Daniel ? 

Kilmara: Wolf has always been the voice of KILMARA and it was his decision to leave. He said he was tired of how bad the scene was in our country and proposed for us to step on the brake and stop doing things so professionally and start making everything more as a hobby. We refused and immediately started searching for a new singer to continue our projection. It is also true that our personal relationship with Wolf deteriorated with the years. Ha had many emotional problems lately, suffering from chronic insomnia and all this also affected the voice. He lost his voice during six months in the process of recording the album "Love songs and other nightmares", which caused much delay in the releasing of the CD. When we began trying to find a singer we wanted a positive person, willing to work, who had a good image and with a different vocal register from Wolf, and found Dani who has fit in perfectly with KILMARA. 

metaltalks.de: The Kilmara Sound is classic - modern Heavy Metal and got influences from Iron Maiden, Brainstorm or Rage. Will you change that in relation of maybe a new album or Daniel ? Will there be a new Album in 2016 or later? If so, can you tell already about it ?

Kilmara: We have always tried to play a contemporary style of Metal, without falling into the metalcore mold or other modern trends, we just like to make a timeless kind of Heavy Metal. We are currently composing our next work and hope to have it see the light of day with a powerful label like SPV, Nuclear Blast or AFM this year. 

metaltalks.de: What will be the next stop for you and how will be the upcoming year 2016 for you as Kilmara ? 

Kilmara: The immediate next step for us is to play live and present our new singer at the IL MALE FESTIVAL in Italy this 30th of January. We are also confirmed at the DOCTOR METAL FEST in our home city of Barcelona the 14th of May where our closer fans and friends will get the chance to hear and see Daniel. There are also some offers to play France, Belgium, Slovakia, and China which we are still studying at the moment but as we have just mentioned before, our priority this year is to work on and record our next album and release it before the end of the year. So stay tuned for any new news!! 

metaltalks.de: Thank you very much! 

Kilmara: Thank you and all the best! RAGE AND FIRE!!! 




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