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Metal Hammer Awards 2014 - English Version - Review - Reactory Live On Stage - Metal Hammer Awards 2014

For the first time this evening the hammer appeared in the form of a live performance of the Berlin thrasher Reactory. With unstrained and merciless rigidity, Reactory shot volley after volley into the competent audience. This year's guest list was colossal and thus probably every second belonged to the defining guild. Thrash Metal as it could not be more pure. Even in the run-up to this year’s awards we have sympathetically noted that Reactory thrashed the stage. The four guys deserved this performance for sure. In numerous clubs of the capital, the four had literally played their ass off in the past. Their performance was short and to the point. Before we realized that Reactory stood up there, a band who usually performs on small stages, the robust thrash tank made space for Deadlock. One thing is certain, if Reactory continues like this, then we will hear a lot from the Berliners in the future. "High On Radiation", as the title of her latest album is called, was released in spring 2014 via Iron Shield Records and is hereby highly recommended to every fan of pure wrecking balls. You will find the review of the output in our category Album-Talks.


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