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Metal Hammer Awards 2014 - English Version - Review - Beastmilk - Within Temptation - Helloween

It was getting serious. Readers, editors and a panel of well-known musicians (including Scott Lewis (Carnifex), Simone Simons (Epica), Floor Jansen (Nightwish), Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), etc.) have decided. The award for the best debut album goes to Beastmilk. "CLIMAX" is the record´s name and already appeared in November 2013 with Svart Records. Beastmilk collected good reviews with "CLIMAX" from everywhere. Obviously their horror post-punk with a dash of sleazy metal seems to be exactly the right mix to internationally cause a stir. The Finns, who founded the band in 2010, were able to speed drive the success in breathtaking time. Congratulations to the band from the land of the thousand lakes.

Finnish it went on, because Toppinen of Apocalyptica gave the eulogy for Within Temptation, which received the award for best live band. It was definitely a reward for their hard work, because the Dutch symphonic metallers (founded in 1996) were not very convincing with their live performances at the beginning of their career. The albums were absolutely wonderful, but unfortunately it didn’t seem possible for them to reproduce their conserved music on stage. Thank God this has changed, also here again, we congratulate!

The first round of the awards ceremony climaxed with the categoryMaximum Metal’. Helloween were the lucky ones, of course entirely justified when taking into account their stamina, their album classics, and the cult status of the band. With their ​​music they influenced a whole genre, namely the melodic metal. The question is whether Kai Hansen, who also sat on the jury and formerly played in Helloween, threw a few more ballots in the basket. We do not know, but the thought is still very refreshing, right? Joking aside, because Scott Lewis (Carnifex) would have had the crib sheet picked out from the netting himself, at least we hope. Congratulations also to Helloween.

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