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Metal Hammer Awards 2014 - English Version - Review - Paradise Lost Live On Stage - Metal Hammer Awards 2014

The UK metallers Paradise Lost entered the stage and lit a firework of superb songs. At their ingenuity, it was difficult to keep up with live again in 2014. The Enemy, taken from the 2007 album In Requiem’, should bring the lost paradise in the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin to life. Paradise Lost has published a series of remarkable albums during their career. With "Gothic" (1991) they made a mark, because of Icon’, the English became large, and withDraconian Times’ they claimed their supremacy in the then newly-born Gothic Metal scene. After that it was commercial. ‘Host(1999) was the low point, which affected Paradise Lost who has not been able to bear the effects to this day. Although the UK guys recollected a lesson, but still the metal scene only forgives reluctantly. But albums of the modern era have proven that Paradise Lost is still expected. In fact, it is far too late for unbridled euphoria. Nick Holmes is also not very convincing on stage and in 2014 was a shortcoming that was attached to the English guys, since Nick tried to sing. Do not get me wrong, we love the band, but live, you have to simply cut back. Nine tracks you got this evening around the ears, with its conclusion marked by "Say Just Words". We did not hear any encore demands from the fans, a logical consequence for an acceptable appearance, which underlines the previously called assertions. 

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