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Metal Hammer Awards 2014 - English Version - Review - The Legend of Cronos

It got legendary and very iconic, because Cronos entered the stage amidst cheering. Cronos collected the cup in the category "Legend". Quite rightly, in our opinion, Cronos is a true legend. With his band Venom, he is one of the founding fathers of Black Metal. Countless bands found their roots in the heritage of Cronos and co. Venom-like album covers are still adorning the current publications of modern bands. Venom created a cult that will be able to be found in the depths of Metal for a long time. This is legendary and thus Cronos gets quite rightly the award in 2014. In his speech, the clearly somewhat outdated Godfather of Black Metal announced that he was feeling now older than he already is. Too overpowering, the title Legend! Nevertheless, he is legend, and therefore legendary congratulations. 

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