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Metal Hammer Awards 2014 - English Version - Review - Insomnium - Arch Enemy - Amon Amarth

Slowly it was getting unbearably hot in the Kesselhaus, but there were still some decisions to be made and not all the awards had found their lucky owners. Martin and Doro, who led the evening with an appealing touch, now announced Eskimo Callboy, who in turn, announced Insomnium, so that they could hand over the cup in the category "Up And Coming" to them. The Finns thanked with manner and we are not just saying congratulations, no - we want to strongly recommend the albums of the Finns to all the metalheads. Insomnium knows how to put beautiful melodies, as well as the urgently necessary hardness, in minor. A mixture that is addictive, I promise!

Arch Enemy was now called to the podium. The Italians Lacuna Coil did the eulogy, whose outfits once more reminded of a bizarre fashion fair. Whatever, Arch Enemy got to pick up the deserved Metal Hammer Award 2014 in the category Metal Anthem, thanked everyone and paved the way for Amom Amarth. Amom Amarth was represented by the master himself and tapped the cup for the best international band. Johan Hegg was enthusiastically greeted by the mob, and duly thanked the fans how a worthy Northern man does it. Those who have not noticed yet, Johan Hegg can be seen from Oktober 23
rd, 2014 in the cinema. He took a role in the Vikings strip ‘Northmen - A Viking Saga’. It’s unbelievable what the likeable frontman has built with his band in recent years. Amon Amarth is hotter than ever, despite their rough variety, fill large halls, and provide great live shows. Star posturing is alien to them and they are always friendly and patient This is how we know the Northmen, whose number of fans is continuously growing. Simply gorgeous and this is also why Amon Amarth got their well-deserved award. Congratulating it not only thunders from the Walhalla, but also our horned mascot joins in the rumble.


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