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Metal Hammer Awards 2014 - English Version - Review - Blind Guardian Live On Stage - Metal Hammer Awards 2014

The Thor within (Thor)sten , Thor also in the texts of Amon Amarth…there only remains the exclamation to Walhalla! Speaking of Walhalla, long before Johan and his Amon Amarth warriors appeared on the battlefield of the Metal scene, there was a band whose roots were probably in Melodic Metal. That evening the legendary Krefeld gave them the honour to be there. Blind Guardian once again came into view after a long abstinence of live performances. They once conquered the throne of melodic metal, but strayed away from the live setting. Of course they had "Valhalla" from the "Follow The Blind" album (1989),in store for the awards. The Kesselhaus thanked them with a minute-long "Valhalla - Deliverance - Why've you ever forgotten me" - choirs. Incredibly, even Blind Guardian could not believe it. A feeled or maybe even real ten minutes long, the chorus turned his rounds in the Kesselhaus. It was simply wonderful how unerringly the blind watchman gave their songs to the best even after all these years. In the run-up to the Metal Hammer Awards the setlist was decided by voting. They were playing some old ham, as well as Valhalla, a track that is no less than a quarter century old! Let's leave it at that and pay homage to a band who brought this evening to a climax with good sound, fantastic stage acting and a lot of professionalism. We expected everything, but this concert is already on the highlights list of 2014. 


Surprisingly, the awards ceremony came to a close. It was well planned, well moderated, overshadowed by boos, but crowned with highlights and was made par by all parties at the awards. At least this is how we felt about it. See you next year, when streets, subway stations, and the site of the ancient Kulturbrauerei in Berlin, are shrouded in a deep black, just because hundreds of metal fans want to attend the award ceremony of their heroes. The September 2015 is earmarked. What should we do otherwise, if it were not for the Awards? 2000 words can not reflect the experience. Maybe the pictures of Laura do, who threw himself into the fray five hours to make these wonderful recordings. But see for yourself.

Translation Sandra Frei


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