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Live Review 4. Brutz & Brakel Stromgitarrenfest 2013 H.O.F 23 - English Version

English Version - Live Review 4. Brutz & Brakel Stromgitarrenfest

On the 8th and 9th November it was time again. The now fourth Brutz&Brakel Stromgitarrenfestival opened its massive doors. Was it huge? Hell yeah it was! It was huge because the iconic Berlin Club in the Langhansstraße can look back on a great story. For decades it’s been hosting Rock events of all kinds. Bands like Morbid Angel, Sadus and Unleashed have already shaken its walls in 1991. If you turn the wheel a few years back, you will quickly find that during the time of communist King Erich the first, these hallowed halls already held rock concerts. At that time, however, to the detriment of the absolutistic ruler.

As a matter of fact the adjective “massive” stands for the Brutz & Brakel STROMGITARRENFESTIVAL, Their organizers put together again – despite adverse conditions – like always, a first class line up. For that alone it already requires a very good sense as well as a close proximity to the base of the metal scene, because you will not find mega-sellers on this event. Instead ingenious underground acts enrich this event every year.

And there are a few important reasons why this event is the most iconic metal festival, which the capital has to offer currently in the Underground. The organization was impeccable, everything has been prepared with a lot heart and passion, the bands felt extremely comfortable in their surrounding and there was an incredibly peaceful atmosphere. What more could you want? The fifth Edition of the B & B Stromgitarrenfestival? Yes, because that is already being planned. According to Brutz & Brakel it takes place on the 14th & 15th November 2014. Enough of that, now back to the fourth Edition.

On Friday Steelclad, Islay, Abyssous, Izegrim and the Death Grinder Milking The Goatmachine played on stage. Basically all the bands offered a full board, but we would like to pick out two bands out of that package to examine them a little further. On the one hand there would be Steelclad and on the other Dutch Izegrim. Both bands fully convinced me that evening. Steelclad is personified Metal of the 80ies. Their 2013 album they simply called “Heavy Metal”. How did Marcus put it again? “Have you seen the Ace-Freyley Memorial boots?” I did, they were hard to overlook too. Truly iconic, just like the music of the boys. For Steelclad the time has simply stopped. Totally professional and unshakable, they were performing, and so they showed off their entire program. They posed and fiddled just like the Metal-textbooks have always asked for it. The solos were unique, the stage acting as well and so it came as it had come, the show was over in no time. Only later I realized that the four steel jackets which were not only for the eye – no they also offered first-class metal from the time of our acenstors.

Before the German Death Grinder Milking The Goatmachine wanted to give the club the rest, the Dutch Izegrim commenced their sinister work. Nearly 2 months after the release of their album “Congress of the insane” we should finally have the possibility to see the likeable Dutchman live. They brought 5 songs from the new output to play. “Modern Day Freak” was the first in league and first loosened the joint material in the walls of the 23rd Hof. Izegrim was in very good shape on this evening and was able to aboil the people in front of the stage for the first time. With precision and playfulness, they were getting the people though the nine songs. Frontwoman Kristien wheezed their
announcements in a way into the microphone, that this fact alone drove a smile on every mobs face and when she swung her impressive mane, you could not see anyone of the other band members. Izegrim appeared very professional this evening, played to the point and gave the Berlin audience a lesson in Death-Thrash Metal. With “World Power (Or Downfall)”, a track from the 2005 album “New World Order”, they left the goats heads a well preheated H.O.F. 23. That deserves a repeat, I thought to myself. To my delight, I had Izegrim already discovered on the Line Up of the Headache Inside Festival 2014. Apparently the men from the D:I:D also liked them.

When we entered the H.O.F. 23 on time for the Grand Supreme Blood Court gig, we were offered a picture of destruction. The atmosphere was very good and by that time about 60 percent of the people present had already decided to fall into a position at a 75 degree angle. The ground of the club was so sticky from beer, that moving forward was only possible if you could overcome the adhesion forces. Now it was also clear to us why you would not fall at 75 degree angle. Unfortunately we could not stay the entire time in the H.O.F. 23 so we have to rely at this point on the transmitted words we got. The Ostrava-Metaller Malignant Tumour was the absolute top act and brought the place according to the latest state of the art a lot closer to destruction. A wicked whisper and absolute euphoria still hung in the air. Too bad that we missed out on Malignant Tumour.
Next one up was Grand Supreme Blood Court. Martin van Drunen and his entourage now pressed the last juices out of the badly weakened nation´s bones. Tough it went off and much tougher the gig took it`s course. The audience was hanging helplessly on the ropes, so that you can say that Brutz & Brakel had probably done a decent job. Must (young wine) for everyone, until the doctor has to come. Martin tried with announcements like “You will not win the World Cup like that” to encourage the mob, but he only succeeded veeery sloooowly. The warriors were tired and in a firm hand from the often-touted MUST. Last but not least, the engine finally jumped on and it became a very successful concert. The official part was now completed. Evil tongues said that after the Aftershowact Pussy Mouskouri, the must still flowed freely and people celebrated boisterously until dawn. A real Brutz & Brakel Stromgitarrenfest just never rests. Respect, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Translation Sandra Frei