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Twins Crew Translation Review The Northern Crusade 2013

Dear community, you better brace yourself! ‘The Northern Crusade’, the second LP of the Twins Crew is out.


The Swedish serve diversified, catchy Heavy- / Powermetal with plenty of melody and recognition value. The songs feature a lot of details, great hooklines, and smooth solo parts. The multifaceted voice and the vocal lines from singer Andreas Larsson often remind me of Stratovarius. At the same time the necessary hardness degree is not falling by the wayside. 
The rhythm fraction is included and leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. You can hear the records joy of playing as well as that the band sounds fresh and original. There is not a single second of boredom. No filling elements or even flops are indeterminable. Fortunately the entire thing comes across completely empty of cheesiness . Even the obligatory (half-)ballad ‘Under the Morning Star’ is not overly sappy. The best songs to scan in order to get the best insight is the great song ‘Blade’, the popular song ‘Loud and Proud’ (this one causes the immediate urge to raise your fist and kill some beers), and the bouncer ‘Angels Fall’ (Maiden says hello) .
All the lovers of the genre should have this band noted down and definitely take the time to listen to it. The album is getting published July 30th at Scarlet Records. I, for one, can’t get this record out of my player anymore. Exceptionally brilliant Album!! Up the crew!
Translation: Sandra Frei


KILMARA - Love Songs And Other Nightmares 2014 - Review

Kilmara, die Spanische Band mit dem Deutschen Sänger Christian Wolfgang Kohl , gründeten sich im Jahre 2003 und legen mit 'Lovesongs And Other Nightmares' ihr drittes Album vor, welches von Roland Grapow (Helloween, Masterplan etc.) produziert und via Sony Music veröffentlicht wurde. Mit den letzten beiden Alben taten sich die Spanier relativ schwer oder besser gesagt, die Presse tat sich schwer. Für uns Grund genug, dem letzten Longplayer der Power-Metaller aus Barcelona etwas intensiver auf den Zahn zu fühlen.

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