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BROTHER FIRETRIBE "Diamond in the Firepit" 2014 Review - English Version Brother Firetribe >>Diamond In The Firepit<<

Right now ‚Diamond in the Firepit‘ is running for the sixth time through my ear canals. It is a cross with the good old Hard Rock which was a pioneer for harder sounds and is therefore an indispensable part of the Rock genre. Hard Rock comes from a time when the seemingly perfect world was still looking back in order. Brother Firetribe reminds me of the sound world of the 80s, in which Rocky still loosely swept his opponents from the plate and entered the arena with ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor being played.

Those times are now long gone, but the music lives on and is currently brought back to life by many bands. Brother Firetribe was founded already in 2002. Their debut, in turn, was born via Spinefam Records in 2006. In 2008 they added ‘Heart Full Of Fire’ and right now you can find “Diamond in the Firepit’ in the starting blocks. To find Empu of Nightwish in the list of the band members sounds like music to my ears but the music of Brother Firetribe has nothing in common with the sound of the symphonic kings. On the current longplayer, Pekka (vocals) and his men are offering soft-watered Hard Rock which reaches at no time even to some extent the degree of hardness of Magnung. These are also not made out of steel, just on a side note so you can imagine what musical pH-value the indicator is showing.

The songs are well thought out indeed and spray a good mood. Technically flawlessly staged and with a lot of hit-potential they scour the marriage of Hard Rock. Genre fans will certainly find favor in this cotton ball of Rock music. The track ‘For Better Or For Worse’ is a real cream piece of the ‘rock music’ cultural history with 80s style. Also other tracks on ‘Diamond in the Firepit’ can hold a candle to this song. For my taste the third studio album by the Finns has been lying too long in the fabric softener. The production is top notch and therefore genre fans can safely listen to it while Metallers should stay away from this thing.


Dirk / Translation - Sandra Frei


Smash Into Pieces "Unbreakable" 2014 Review

Smash Into Pieces haben bereits am 14. März 2014 ihr Debüt Album "Unbreakable" veröffentlicht. Zur Zeit sind sie mit Amaranthe und Deals Death unterwegs, um dem Frühling entsprechend, eine ordentliche Portion gute Laune in die europäische Städte zu bringen. Und dafür haben sie auch allen Grund, denn ihr Album strotzt nur so vor großartigen Melodien. Man kann ihre Musik kurz und knapp als Modern Hard Rock bezeichnen. Nach dem ersten Durchlauf hätte ich mir etwas mehr Härte erbeten. Aber was soll's. Etwas mehr Knüppel aus dem Sack würde bedeuten, dass ich auch die 2011er In Flames einwerfen könnte. 

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