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Translation Review - THE VINTAGE CARAVAN „Voyage“2014

This first little appetizer of the last weeks allowed me to already guess what would come. The Vintage Caravan has delivered with “Voyage” is not only their debut on Nuclear Blast Records, no- this album ignites immediately. From the first until the last minute it is fun, offers surprises, and fits seamlessly into the list of excellent Seventy rock publications from the year 2013. It is indeed astonishing that the three youngsters from Iceland have already published the record in 2012 on their island, but the rock world apparently did not notice it despite social media influence. In this case the only thing left to say is: good that the Donzdorf Metal forge has thrown the boys to Central Europe. Only because of that their great music has become more accessible for a wider audience.

The Vintage Caravan processed on “Voyage” influences from bands such as LED ZEPPELIN, YES, BLACK SABBATH, JIMI HENDRIX, or even DEEP PURPLE. They combine the whole thing with their carefree approach and of course with the existing musical skills to a fantastic Seventy-Mix that would let Ozzy’s & CO heart beat faster in an instant. But enough of that rambling and enough comparing. The music of the Icelanders speaks well for itself. Absolute must-song-peaks: “Expand Your Mind”, “Midnight Meditation” and “The Kings Voyage”. “Expand Your Minds” is pressing enormous mushrooms out of your button-up shirt and prepares you for a spacey trip with the Vintage Caravan. “Midnight Meditation” is one hell of a rock piece! A groovy track whose numerous repetitions in my cd player I cannot quantify anymore. Simply great. The surprise for me was the last track. “The Kinds Voyage” with its almost 12 minutes, by far the longest number on “Voyage”. Through plenty of sound effects, the royal journey is rocking itself up until the third minute to an absolute awesome song, which is probably animating every enthusiastic lover of loud guitar music to fall into an ecstatic aboil from 3:30 on. The Vintage Caravan could have made this one and a half minute part and repeated it three times, but that is not what the guys from Iceland did. Up until the last minute they are unpredictable. It is a duty possession.

Translation: Sandra Frei



Der Erlöser der Seelen? Wir glauben schon, denn wohl jeder kennt das überragende Gefühl, wenn alte Helden 'nen neuen Silberling ankündigen und man wartet, wartet und nochmals wartet, bis der Rundling dann endlich das eigene Regal schmückt, nicht wahr? Dabei gibt es einen gewaltigen Unterschied zu den - sagen wir mal - nicht so kultigen Bands. Das Album der Helden wird quasi blind bestellt, komme was das wolle. Auf diesem Wege hat auch so manche Graupe den Durchschnittswert der heimischen Sammlung erheblich gesenkt.

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