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Interview mit Inferno von Behemoth/ 01.03.2014 Postbahnhof Berlin - English Version - Inferno - Behemoth

Metaltalks.de: So, today is the last day of this tour and I would like to know how you feel about it after those stressfull weeks and what is your best memory of this tour?

Inferno: The last show, yeah thats right! It was a good tour. Most of the shows were sold out and I can remember some highlights like Vienna, Stockholm...Wiesbaden!!!

Wiesbaden was a great suprise. Very nice venue, great crowd! What else...? Antwerpen, London, 2000 people.

Metaltalks.de: Where was the show in London?

Inferno: Forum! Unfortunately we couldn't use everything on stage. I mean the pyro-stuff and things like that, but I feel good and I'm not even tired.

Metaltalks.de: Oh thats great, because of Red Bull, I guess?

Inferno: Coke! I like Coca Cola!

Metaltalks.de: What happens after the tour? Are you going home and do you have time to relax?

Inferno: We have another show in Norway next week, in Trondheim and then a 2 weeks break after that and then it's gonna be fucking crazy because we have the US Tour confirmed – after that only a one day break and then we head straight to Russia.

Metaltalks.de: Wow that is a tight tour plan!

Inferno: Yeah, For 3 weeks Russia and 6 weeks in the US. And in Russia we have confirmed places like Irkutsk, Sibiria, Vladivostok, which is the end of world. Never been there!

Metaltalks.de: That sounds nice! Good chance to see those places in the world where you usually would probably never travel to.

Do you have a ritual before you go on the stage?

Inferno: I always need at least 30 minutes insideness, try to focus all energy and emotions to the show.

Metatalks.de: How do you do that, when you are in the bus with the other two guys or do you have time over there? (take a look to the venue)

Inferno: Yeah over there in the venue I am always trying to find some place. 

Metaltalks.de: And what about the other 2 guys?

Inferno: I have no idea. One of them trying to sleep as much as he can because he is always drinking. (is laughing)

Metaltalks.de: If you could choose any band, which one would you love to go on tour with?

Inferno: I would like to play again with „The Devils Blood“.

Metaltalks.de: You played with them before?

Inferno: Yes, it was a great. One of my favourite bands over all time.

Metaltalks.de: Ok cool. Let's talk about the new album „The Satanist“. Actually I thought we're going talk to Nergal as well, but maybe you can answer this question as well from your point of view. How big of an influence had his illness on the work of this album?I ask this with in the aspect of facing death will make a ‘lot changes within you and in your life. Did something changed and if so, what was it?

Inferno: Not at all. Until you make music which cames from your heart and its frankly and true everything is fine. So I didn't noticed any bad changes.

Metatalks.de: No, it doesn't mean it has to be bad, it can be also something positive.

Inferno: Positive was that...let me think. We recorded the music we wanted to listen to and there were no limits. Even the riffs we couldn't play years ago on the previous albums because they we're to simple or didn't fit to the style. This time we said: „Fuck it! It's us, let do it!“

Metaltalks.de: And this was the first time ever you had this feeling regarding your music?

Inferno: Yes! It's the first time I'm a happy about the drum-sound, in this band.

Metaltalks.de: Well, thats a big change in a positive way. I hoped to hear something like that. Okay, now we would like to come to the video „Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel“. It looks really complex and by the way I love the video, because of the pictures, the black and white, the dust, the costumes, the figures and the church. Have you had any complications regarding the shooting in this polish church, because I know you had some problems years ago?

Inferno: No, this church was totally empty. This building is in the middle of the woods in the south of Poland.

Metaltalks.de: Oh nice! How did you find it?

Inferno: The guys from Grupa 13, the video company found it.

Metaltalks.de: So there was no one and even on the field you had freedom to do what you wanna do, because this video is a kind of heavy for most of the people.

Inferno: I just remembered that it was the hottest day of the summer.

Metaltalks.de: Sure, it is always like that! (both are laughing)

When you chose your band name „Behemoth“ you probably had a certain character/monster in your mind. Has this figure changed since 1991?

Inferno: More mature, more dedicated, stronger. It's like us, it's like the manifest which is the title it's said by itself, so just like that.

Metaltalks.de: At this moment you're at the peak of your career with „Behemoth“.We would like to know if at this point in time there are still aims you want to reach and if so will you tell us some?

Inferno: Doing the same shit. Touring. It's been our life for years, so I don't wanna change anything.

Metaltalks.de: Do you have other jobs?

Inferno: There is no time for other jobs

Metaltalks.de: Yeah I thought sowhen you told us about the US and russia tour.

Inferno: Yeah, if you're playing 150 shows per year, plus working in studio, plus rehearsing there is no time for anything else.

Metaltalks.de: You're a fulltime musician and a lot of people are dreaming about that.

Inferno: Exactly and I love it and I appreciate it.

Metatalks.de: Thats good and we can hear that in your music. Now, a question about the book „liber al vel legis“ of Aleister Crowley. He wrote „ Do what you will shall be the whole of the law“. This goes togehter with Thelema and one of your albums is called „Thelema.6“. How much of this represents your own philosophical laws governing your own life?

Inferno: I think a lot! If it conform to your will and if it's pure and frankly then we are standing behind it, even today more than ever.

Metaltalks.de: Yeah, and I think the fact that you're a fulltime-musician answers the question as well.

Inferno: We want to make people thinking. If they listen to our music and read the lyrics, they start to think and that's the point!

Metaltalks.de: Ok for the last question we would really like to know what’s playing on your cd player. What do you listen to in your private life?

Inferno: Right now? The last „INQUISITION“, „KRIEGSMASCHINE“. You know this band from Poland? „Enemy Of Man“ that's the title of the album, very good stuff. „NEW MODEL ARMY“, the last one and the last „DEAD CAN DANCE“ record.

Metaltalks.de: And what's about the other guys, do you know that? Is there anyone who likes for example classical music?

Inferno: Fuck no! I'm a metalmaniac. I prefer most of the music of the 80s or 90s.

Metaltalks.de: So, thank you very much for our first interview. So we have something in common! (both are laughing)

Inferno: Thank you! Now we can roll a cigarette!

Interview mit Inferno / Bearbeitung: Laura & Robby

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